Ananna Rafa

Ananna Rafa

Ananna Rafa is a Senior Life Artist at The Reckoner. She is Bengali by nationality, Australian by accent, and Canadian by residency. Ananna feels she is always growing and changing through experiences, but her love of art, cats, indie music, and all things Japanese always remains constant. When she's not an Internet junkie, she can be found living in the craft section at Dollarama, studying in Garneau washrooms, or getting high in art rooms. She is a proud supporter of feminism and activism. Ananna is currently in search of her personal legend and is in love with everyone associated with The Reckoner.

Fill the Void to Create the Void

A gorgeous dark painting by Ananna Rafa, done in watercolour and ink.


A vivid watercolour and pen drawing by Ananna Rafa.


A portrait by artist Ananna Rafa.


A gorgeous ink portrait by artist Ananna Rafa.


Digital artwork by Ananna Rafa, inspired by the recent release of ‘The Great Gatsby’.


A painting by Ananna Rafa.


A sketch by Ananna Rafa.

Cat Nap

Digital artwork by Ananna Rafa, inspired by work by Louise de Masi.


Digital artwork by Ananna Rafa.


Art by Ananna Rafa.

Garneau’s Hallways

A comic about Marc Garneau’s hallways on a regular day compared to Eid, by Ananna Rafa.

Kimono of Flowers

A geisha painting by Ananna Rafa.