On 29 March, Muslim Student Association (MSA) organized an event to make food for the homeless people of Toronto. Approximately thirty students of Garneau gathered in Room 332 and the school kitchen at lunch to prepare peanut butter and jam, Nutella, tuna, and egg sandwiches. The event was preceded by an earlier trip on 14 February when two club members and Ms. Goldenberg travelled around Toronto with Ve’ahavta, a Jewish charitable organization, to personally give food to the homeless. Conversing with the homeless and handing out food inspired MSA to involve Garneau students in their future contributions to Ve’ahavta.

Students prepared sandwiches throughout the lunch hour. Photo: David Chen-Li.

Desks in Room 332 were set up with several loaves of bread and jars of peanut butter, jam, or Nutella. Students made sandwiches that were then individually sealed in Ziploc bags and placed in a large aluminum tray. Several students also went to the kitchen to help make tuna and egg sandwiches. Lubna, a student in Grade 10, said, “It’s good to give to people who don’t have and it’s a chance for everyone to come together and help out.”

Signups to bring the food items occurred during an MSA meeting as well as on the MGCI Updates page on Facebook. Approximately twenty five loaves of bread, twenty jars of condiments, and accompanying Ziploc bags were donated to the club. Participating students were given priority for MSA’s annual Wonderland trip.

MSA Executives stand with the completed sandwiches. Photo: David Chen-Li

The sandwiches were delivered the afternoon of by Ms. Goldenberg to Ve’ahavta, which also runs poverty alleviation programs and helps improve lives of people marginalized by poverty. The organization has a van that drives to different parts of Toronto and hands out food, clothes, and other items to people in need. Over two hundred fifty sandwiches were made and will be delivered to people around Toronto. Gabeena Ahmad, the president of MSA, commented that she was very pleased with the outcome. “It turned out perfect. Our initial goal was about one hundred sandwiches, but with so many people signing up we got a lot of help and made much more than expected.” MSA may also run a food drive later in the semester.