925 million people around the world go to bed hungry each night, and yet 550 million Big Macs are sold annually in the USA alone – 17 each second. There is enough food produced worldwide to feed everyone in the world, and yet 2 billion people do not have food available to them. One child dies from hunger related causes every 8-12 seconds. That’s up to 13 500 every 30 hours.

Every year thousands of teens all over the world participate in the 30 hour famine. The 30 hour famine is a fundraiser to raise money and awareness to fight world hunger. Students join a “famine group”, raise money for World Vision’s efforts to end hunger, and pledge  to go without food for 30 hours. Every year the famine supports causes such as education by building schools and buying school supplies, created programs to stop child trafficking, and drilling water pumps as well as feeding thousands.

The Famine also gives young Canadians the opportunity to travel to Africa and learn about efforts to end world hunger first hand. Youth Ambassadors, like Adeeb Rahman of MGCI, get to see international development programs, experience another culture, and vistit families helped by the funds raised by the famine. The project gives an opportunity to learn about world hunger and to prevent it. The famine at Marc Garneau will be held Friday, April 27th. To join, ask questions, or give in donations: World Vision Marc Garneau can be found Tuesdays in room 222.