Summer is here and you know what that means! Wildness! Partying! Teenage shenanigans! If you’re feeling gutsy but don’t really know where to start, The Reckoner has got you with a handy Summer Bucket List. Ready to get your freak on? Let’s go!


❒   Bike to the beach and watch a sunset
❒   Eat two crepes at Krepesz, an awesome crepe café in Kensington Market
Perform a mashup of two songs (it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing)
Bike through Centre Island
❒   Walk a friend’s dog
❒   Walk a friend’s cat
❒   Read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
❒   Make a giant Ferrero Rocher
❒   Go on a midnight adventure
❒   Sneak into the 15th floor of a random corporate building
❒   Try a beaver tail
❒   Eat at a gourmet food truck
❒   Tell your parents you love them
❒   Walk around downtown wearing conspicuous face paint
❒   Attend a concert
❒   Visit the CNE and try a deep fried Twix bar
❒   Skateboard down the ravine near our school
❒   Listen to the entire soundtrack of Hamilton
❒   Go to karaoke with friends
❒   Binge at a sushi bar
❒   Climb over a fence
❒   Set off fireworks on a night that’s not a holiday
❒   Celebrate someone’s birthday
❒   Plant a cactus
❒   Finish that book you’ve been meaning to finish
❒   Marathon a TV series
❒   Sleepover at a friend’s house
❒   Talk to a stranger on the subway
❒   Give money to a homeless person
❒   Try every type of donut in Tim Hortons
❒   Go to a party
❒   Learn how to do a cartwheel
❒   Dance to Uptown Funk in the rain
❒   Visit the cat café before it closes
❒   Go camping with your friends
❒   Roast marshmallows over a fire
❒   Throw a party
❒   Enjoy a picnic at Edwards Gardens
❒   Go thrift shopping
❒   Go out in public dressed in a onesie
❒   Stargaze as best as you can under the city’s light pollution
❒   Eat at a Summerlicious restaurant (event lasts from July 8-24)
❒   Make a vlog
❒   Watch a play downtown
❒   Have a lazy day in
❒   Watch live slam poetry
❒   Go to an outdoor movie screening
❒   Play Ultimate with your friends
❒   Try exercising for a day
❒   Take a road trip to a place you’ve never been before


Rock on, my dudes. We’ll see you next year!