On the last period on 3 December, MGCI’s Grade 9 students entered a school cafeteria that was blaring music, and pulsing lights.  The first school dance of the year was off to a start.

Not long after the dance began, the DJ invited two daring students to the front to show off their dance moves on stage. The students, Sharlota and Eva, were cheered on by the crowd of peers who danced with them. Aside from playing pop music, the DJ mixed exotic foreign songs ranging from Africa to those from South-Asia into the playlist.

Students dance along with the music. Photo: Jackie Ho

Students dance along with the music. Photo: Jackie Ho

Later, the DJ and his assistants led mini dance workshops. Grade 9 student Jennifer Dong said that “They were really fun and great.”

Within 30 minutes, the dance was in full swing, and the students grouped together in a dense cluster surrounding the stage. A few students lingered on the benches in a back to take a break from the dance.

After the dance ended, student Iulia Vatamanu commented, “I really liked it because no matter what I did, people cheered me on.”

However, not all students chose to participate in the dance. Rather than attending, some students opted to stay in the library.


Note: An error in this article has been corrected. The dance took place on 3 December, rather than the previously stated 2 December.