From 27 October to 31 October, the Social Committee held a series of Halloween events in the cafeteria and the galleria. MGCI’s stage was transformed into a haunted house on 27 and 28 October, and the second annual costume parade was held on Halloween itself. Also on Halloween day, one of MGCI’s few “Unhealthy Food Sales” took place in the galleria.

During lunches, students entered the haunted house backstage, paying $1 for admission. Entering in groups of 3 to 4 at a time, participants were guided by floor lights through the maze-like attraction, while Spirit Committee volunteers hid behind boxes and jump scared participants who walked by.  As a reward, those who completed the maze were given a sweet treat. Originally scheduled to open Tuesday, the haunted house was postponed due to the unforeseen absence of a teacher supervisor.

The Spirit Committee spent three weeks planning the events. SAC Vice-President Khalida Elsadati said that the committee “put in so much effort” in coordinating the attractions. Their hard work paid off, as around 100 students entered the haunted house during the two days. “It was good. It was not too scary. I was laughing more,” said students Huria, Tazrian, Shivani, and Maha as they exited the stage. The general opinion was positive, and many students wished that it was longer.

Approximately ten different characters were displayed in the costume parade, ranging from Eleven from Stranger Things to The Incredibles. The winners, The Joker (Zaid Baig) and Harley Quinn (Karla Kovacek), were decided by applause from spectators. “I thought it was pretty cool. I don’t dress for Halloween, but I think the costumes and the music played in the cafeteria could be scarier,” said Fathima Rasma Mohamed Kamal, a Grade 10 student. The 10-minute long show that took place around 12:15 pm was not as scary as some had hoped, but the audience was entertained throughout lunch.

Several clubs participated in the unhealthy food sale in the galleria. Items such as pizza, brownies, samosas, and pop were sold as fundraisers.

The Spirit Committee had hoped to make this year’s Halloween special: “[We] wanted to do something different,” said Ayesha Tarip, a member of the committee. The events were primarily advertised through online posts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, as well as announcements, but some students were unaware of the events. “The advertising was mediocre. It could’ve been better through school posters and with more hype,” said Areez Khaki, a Grade 10 student. Although SAC heavily promoted on social media platforms, students suggested posters around the school and a spirit week for more student involvement.

While a few improvements could be made to SAC’s events and their advertising, Garneau has been welcomed with a highly-successful Halloween.

A Spirit Committee volunteer scares a student in the haunted house. Photo: Cindy Cui

A Spirit Committee volunteer scares a student in the haunted house. Photo: David Chen-Li