The Marc Garneau art room is a room full of paintings, sculptures, colourful paper, and craft supplies—just like any high school’s art room. But something that makes our school’s art department stand out is its amazing Art Council.

Art Council is a group of thirty students whose main goal is the promotion of art. The club hopes to get students more involved in art and to beautify the school.

The council meets on Tuesdays after school in Room 111. Ms. Masemann is the club’s staff advisor and the two presidents are Khadija Aziz and Asma Syeda. Saylove Muntaha is the vice-president, Ayesha Assad is treasurer, and Nishat Kazi is the secretary. Aroosa Rafi and Sara Azimi are in charge of publicity, taking pictures to post on Facebook to advertise the club.

An Art Council member works on an Art Warmup, sketching a design for the group’s motto, “Believe You Can”.

The executives and club members are both friendly and enthusiastic. When asked about Art Council’s plans, they responded eagerly. The club will be creating three murals. Two will be on the doors of the art room and the third will be in the cafeteria. Its theme will be well being. Furthermore, the club members will create a “Tree of Thanks” for Thanksgiving. The leaves will all consist of things students are grateful for. Similar projects will be created for upcoming holidays. Also, the club hopes to able to host some school-wide contests and challenges. Ms. Goldenberg has already granted permission to carry out these plans.

When asked about art in general, Art Council’s president, Khadija Aziz said: “Everybody should feel free to express themselves.” Regarding the council, club member, Faisal, said: “So, far Art Council has been great and I’m curious to see what they have planned for the months coming.”

Art Council offers members Garneau Gold or volunteer hours. Also, members learn exclusive new techniques, such as silk screening. New members are always welcome.

Art Council’s website can be found here.