MGCI’s annual Semester 1 Art Exhibition was held on 18 December. Students were able to visit the galleria and photo studio during their spare and lunch periods and browse through numerous art pieces. The exhibit was also open to the community from 6pm-9pm, in conjunction with Music Night. Works from art classes of all grades were represented.

“This annual event gives our artists opportunities to have their artwork displayed to the public,” commented Khadija Aziz, Art Council president and Advertising Manager of the exhibition. “This helps them create some of their first connections with other artists, which is extremely important in the field of visual arts.”

The event was organized by the Visual Arts department— Mrs. Doyle, Ms. Masemann, and Mr. Winn— and curated by the Grade 12 Art class. Grade 12 students were given the responsibilities of interior design, structural architecture, implementing security for the event, and choosing work to be displayed.

There were many forms of art represented, from sculptures to photography to pictures decorated with Cheerios. This year, students were able to work with ceramics through Ms. Masemann’s access to a kiln outside of school. There were also drawings made out of gum— gumballs were melted, chewed, cooked, or fried before being applied to a canvas to create a picture.

Jennifer Guo, a student attending the show, was impressed with the variety of mediums. “I didn’t know people made so many different types of art, with so many different materials,” she remarked.

Art Show 2013 (5)

Sculptures were showcased in the studio to decrease the chance of works being damaged. Photo: Abigail Chau

Mr. Winn was happy with the overall outcome. “The turnout was really good because of the location. There are pieces displayed in the galleria, so all the students who pass by can take a look.”

Andrea Obersterescu, a Grade 11 art student, also commented on the location of the exhibition. “Last year, there were a lot of tables set up in the galleria with sculptures and art pieces. A lot of people were touching the work, and there was a big chance that the pieces would get damaged. Since it’s in the studio this year, that chance decreases.”

This year’s Art Exhibition also featured, for the first time, artwork by alumni artists. Pieces by 8 graduated students, whose current schools include Ontario College of Art & Design University, Guelph-Humber University, and York University, were displayed. The exhibit is a means of keeping in touch with alumni, and staying updated with current trends in the art world. The display also gives current students an idea of what goes on in post-secondary schools, and what they can become in the future.

“One of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make is deciding what post-secondary school to go to, so I really recommend going to schools and talking to students and professors to make the best choice,” advised Mr. Winn.

The participation of the alumni brings on a new tradition, where graduated students are given the opportunity to choose their favourite overall artist and favourite individual artwork from the exhibition. This year, the winners were as follows:

Overall Artist

Winner: Ananna Rafa

Runner-Up: Manuel Arenajo

Individual Artwork

Winner: Thulasi Jegananthasivam, “The Struggling Man”

Runner-Up: Mariam El-Serafi, “Marilyn Monroe”

The Art Exhibition also featured an interactive exhibit hosted by the Art Council. The basis of the project was to “Spread the Love, write your message on a dove”. Students wrote encouraging messages on dove cut-outs, and then hung them on a tree donated by Ms. Masemann’s father. Notes like “Stay Strong” and “Keep your head high” decorated its branches. The tree gave off the feeling of snow, as it was painted completely white and accented with glitter.

“We really wanted to get the student body involved.” commented Vicky Xu, Art Council Junior Executive and Grade 10 student, “And since the holidays are coming, we decided that this would be a good way for everyone to take part in making something beautiful.”

If students would like to get involved with future projects, they can join Art Council Tuesdays after school in the art room.