Six teams participated in the annual ball hockey tournament, held after school on 5 and 6 March 2018 in the gym. The teams included Gujis, Thorncliffe Park, One Leg, FTF, HvB, and Pony Riders. The winning team was HvB, whose players were Mr. van Bemmel, Ryan Lew, Julien Lin, Jeffrey Qiu, Will Randall, Varun Venkataramanan, and Jacky Yao.

Team HvB celebrates their victory. Photo: Justin Ye

The first day of the tournament was a round robin, in which each team competed against all of the other teams in quick, three-and-a-half minute games. The results of the round robin determined the seeding for the playoffs the following day. HvB and Gujis, who emerged first and second respectively after the round robin, were given a bye into the semi-finals, while the remaining teams faced off in the quarter-finals. Both the quarter-final and semi-final games consisted of two five-minute periods. Although One Leg beat Pony Riders 6-2 in their quarter-final match, One Leg decided to give up their semi-final spot to Pony Riders. In the other quarter-final, Thorncliffe Park emerged victorious against FTF in a 6-1 game. In the semi-finals, HvB faced off against Pony Riders, winning the game 10-2. Thorncliffe Park also advanced to the finals after beating Gujis 2-0.

The finals match consisted of three periods of four minutes each. Thorncliffe Park scored the first goal, and HvB tied up the score near the end of the first period. Although no goals were scored in the second period, some stellar saves were made by both goalies. Both teams scored their second goals in the fast-paced beginning of the third period. HvB’s winning goal was scored soon after, ending the game at 3-2 and securing the trophy for the team.

Two teams competing during the ball hockey tournament. Photo: Justin Ye

The tournament was organized and planned by the Athletic Committee, as well as Mr. van Bemmel, Mr. Hillman, and Mr. Graham, who also served as the referee. Kashaf Amir, SAC Athletic Convenor, thought the tournament ran quite well. “Not only did we have more teams participate in the tournament than last year,” she said, “but we also had more people help us set up before the games began.”

Mr. van Bemmel, who was playing as the goalie for HvB, was pleased with both the performance of his team as well as the flow of the tournament. “We were fast and we had some really great shots,” he said in regard to HvB. “The tournament itself was very well-run—it ran more smoothly than it had in many years.”