it touches just like ghostly yesterday
when you said what others denied
it was like a stream of freshwater
trickling through my clogged heart trenches
miracles or not, a part of me knows
that it wasn’t your voice talking
because i’ve seen your face, it hides no guilt
while mine can only laugh through tears
i thought this was my place to build
a home, but paradise strays further
the more you show yourself and
the more i rethink the shape of your mind
better to have loved and lost than
to never loved at all, but did you ever even
love those parts of me you saw?
or did we both just lose a game
that only the screen knew we were playing
except i’m the only one who feels it
innocence is a virtue, but you were wrong
because i know, and i’ve always known
how the gold would lose its lustre
and how you’d give up before it even started
i’m still right about it all, and yet
i drive the car forward, crashing on the way
but no broken bridge could stop the wheels
of a girl who believes in truth
and knows that, one day, over the sunrise,
she’ll get over you.

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