On 14 October, Garneau had its first Spirit Day. This particular event was Blue Jay themed, due to their recent success in the playoffs. During lunch, SAC held a face painting booth in the cafeteria while various clubs sold baked goods, pop and other unhealthy snacks in the galleria.

To encourage school spirit, students dressed in blue and white, the Blue Jays’ colours. They also used the same colours at their face painting booth. However, in the galleria, the six clubs involved in the unhealthy food sale were unaware of the Blue Jays’ craze going on in the cafeteria.

The Blue Jays theme was a success, according to students. Grade 12 student, Suraya Dhalla, said that “it gives more spirit to the school. Whenever there are outside events that are happening in Toronto, it’s good to get the school involved.” With the Blue Jays game the same evening, and their success, it gave the school a sense of excitement and unity. Students’ suggestions for future spirit days include more planning and organization, more marketing, and more events.

SAC President Ejay Vidad said that in the future, SAC is planning more interactive Spirit Days. He plans to get more people involved in school events this year. Possibilities to achieve this include a fashion shows and a Halloween haunted house in the coming months.