A donut eating competition was hosted in the school cafeteria at lunch on Wednesday 25 March, 2015. It was run by the Spirit Committee, and headed by Mara Gagiu. This was the first donut eating competition to be at Garneau, and took 2 weeks of planning and a lunch period to complete. The contest consisted of three rounds with 5 competitors each, allowing 15 students to participate. A $5 Tim Hortons gift card was awarded for each of the three winners.

There were three basic rules.

1. Students were blindfolded.

2. Students could not use their hands.

3. The first contestant to finish their donut won.

The donuts were dangled on a string in front of the participants. However, students found this to be a difficult task, prompting helpers to assist each competitor by guiding the donut to their mouths. This also decreased the time each round took.

Students were blindfolded during their donut-eating attempt. Photo: Khadija Jawwad

Students were blindfolded during their donut-eating attempt. Photo: Khadija Jawwad

When asked what inspired the idea for this event, Sylvia Chong, a member of the Spirit Committee, said “We’re trying to bring the school together with donuts.”

Grade 9 student Jacky Yao was the winner of the first round. He commented, “I got my shirt dirty, but I enjoyed myself and I look forward to sharing my prize.”

Aijoub Ouhssaine, the winner of the second round, shared his winning strategy with the Reckoner. “I started from the bottom and worked my way up.” He also expressed his satisfaction with “… I had fun.”

Aslam Azami was the winner of the third round and also expressed his overall enjoyment of the competition.

Unfortunately, there was a very rigid limit on the number of students that could participate. In response to this concern, members of the Spirit Committee announced, “Do not be discouraged if you didn’t get a chance to compete, there are more events like this to come.”