At the end of the day, bravery isn’t a battlefield.

It isn’t fast cars, or stunted risk. 

Bravery is the quietest thing you will ever know. 

Bravery is getting up in the morning when your bones are heavy and your heart does not want the light to crack within it. 

Bravery is leaning into what aches, and looking it in the face.

Bravery is giving it a name and confronting it. 

Bravery is being gentle with yourself, especially when you are not a shining  example of the person you strive to be. 

Bravery is forgiving yourself, it is the work you do within your soul that is dirty and difficult.

Bravery is the way you stretch towards the light, the way you bloom in the direction of goodness, even when you may not know what you’re reaching for. 

Bravery is allowing yourself to believe that you are growing, even in the midst of chaos, midst of the melting horizon. 

Bravery is trusting yourself even if you do not recognize the path. 

Bravery is knowing that there is more for you, that you will have the ability to save yourself like you always have before; that you will survive.