Six students from Marc Garneau CI participated in the annual Toronto Brain Bee, hosted by the Department of Physiology at the St. George Campus of University of Toronto on 31 March. This year, Toronto Brain Bee saw a record high of one hundred and thirty-two participants from forty different schools across the GTA.

Marc Garneau competitors at the Toronto Brain Bee. Photo: Sheri Kim

Brain Bee is a city-wide neuroscience competition that encourages high school students to learn about the brain. The competition itself consists of three rounds and a refreshment break. The first round is comprised of thirty neuroscience questions, and competitors who score in the top 50% are eligible to move onto the second round. Afterwards, the top ten competitors are ranked and compete in the third round to ultimately win an internship at a neuroscience lab.

In preparation for the competition, the Brain Bee organizers provided “Neuroscience 101” lectures to teach high school students about the brain. Held downtown at the St. George campus, the lectures were free to attend for all high school students.

Four students, Hannah Lee, Khari Thomas, Arani Kulamurugan and Frank Hong from Marc Garneau advanced to the second round. Unfortunately, no one was able to continue onto the third round, but there are definitely high hopes for next year.

A participant, Sheri Kim said, “It was a very relaxing and fun learning experience.”