As semester two commenced, Marc Garneau’s new SAC Grade Representatives for the semester were announced. Students submitted applications online and SAC members interviewed selected applicants from 21 to 23 February 2018.

The MGCI Grade Representatives for Semester Two are:

Grade 9: Ryan Chang

Grade 10: Nelson Lee

Grade 11: Zimman Yousuf

Grade 12: John Le

The Grade Representatives are eager to encourage the school spirit at Marc Garneau and bring an exciting school experience for the students in their respective grades.

Nelson Lee, the returning Grade 10 Representative from first semester, talked about his plans to make sure all students can voice their thoughts and concerns. “Starting next month, I’m going to have a listening tour where I go around to talk to different students individually. Some people don’t feel comfortable talking in an open meeting about what they want to happen at MGCI. Talking to people individually or in small groups is one of the best ways to make sure their voices are heard within SAC.”

John Le, the Grade 12 Representative also announced one of his plans. “One of the plans I want to work on is to have a time capsule that we will open ten years from now. I also plan on having a senior to Grade 9 box in the office, where seniors can give advice to the new grade nines coming in next year.”

When asked why he wanted to join SAC, Grade 9 Representative Ryan Chang said, “I wanted to join SAC because I hope to engage more people with our school activities, thus raising the spirit within our school. I felt that if I could bring more spirit to the school, it would benefit the entire school community in a positive way, both academically and socially. I felt that SAC was the best place to do this, so here I am!”

“It feels amazing to be selected as I have so many plans for this semester. I hope to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of all the students!” said Grade 11 Representative Zimman Yousuf.

Grade 9 Representative Ryan Chang. Photo: Justin Ye

Grade 11 Representative Zimman Yousuf. Photo: Justin Ye

Grade 10 Representative Nelson Lee. Photo: Justin Ye

Grade 12 Representative John Le. Photo: Justin Ye