When born in a burning house
Know that the whole world isn’t on fire.
The flames inside
Never seep through the cracks you tried so hard to patch.

When being told you ignited the fire
In the burning house
Know that it reeked of gasoline before you came
Know that your spark wasn’t the cause of the fire
Know that sparks alone don’t turn their surroundings into ashes.

Don’t let the guilt consume you
When you one day decide to leave
The burning house.
You can’t burn out a fire,
When you’re burning from it too.

Years later,
As you find your way back
And your eyes don’t shine from the embers
That used to roam the burning house
Don’t drown yourself in the water
You brought to free those within .

You watch through the tempered glass
As peace sweeps the floors.
The comfortable silence almost
Your back’s to a burning house that no longer needs a fighter.

Photo: Adam Wilson on Unsplash.com