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Concept and sketch by Elizabeth Wei, in collaboration with Donna Zhang: The more you love someone, the more pain it will bring when they are taken away. To love one, knowing the potential risk of losing them, or being alone and staying away from anything that might hurt you


In this illustration, Donna Zhang wanted to make something that looked like a painting. Unfortunately, she thought the stylus was a paintbrush and dropped it into a cup of water.

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2021 GRAMMYs

The 2021 GRAMMYs not only served as a display of fresh talent and hit performances, but also statement pieces and designer fashion. From Gucci leather suits to Bulgari diamonds, check out these red carpet looks.

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These past days have blended into one, making me feel green. Time is moving fast and I miss the autumn wind. But at least for now, I can long for the leaves to fall again.

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A New Lens

To me, math has always been a tool to bridge the gap between the fundamental truths of our universe. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday practice and repetition, but if you take a step back, you’ll remember why you started in the first place: to be able to see the world from a new, creative light.

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The piece depicts two people who were brought together, but due to their circumstances their fates are misaligned and they thus do not fit together. As a result their relationship is broken.

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