By the time night hit on 30 April 2015, Marc Garneau CI’s cafeteria was decked out in stars, lights, and flags of different countries as students filed into the school for this year’s International Show. Performers and spectators alike were wearing bright colours and cultural clothes. This year’s show was held from 6 pm to around 8:30 pm, offering more than two hours of dances, songs and reminiscing to old Bollywood classics. Dinner was served after the show.

The event was planned and organized by the International Show committee, headed by Samrin Quader and Nidda Anwar. Planning for the event started at the beginning of the school year, however auditions were held right before March Break. After the break, practices were held every week, up until the day of the event. A total of 68 performers were featured in this year’s show.

At 450 attendees, the cafeteria was packed for this year's International Show. Photo courtesy of SAC.

At 450 attendees, the cafeteria was packed for this year’s International Show. Photo courtesy of SAC.

Tickets were completely sold out this year, with an attendance of 450 people, 150 above the cafeteria’s 300-person capacity. “We realized that we sold a lot more tickets than that so it turned out that 450 people attended the show, that is why there were chairs set up in the cafe as well,” Nidda Anwar, vice-president of the International Show committee, said. “I had a bunch of people messaging me online and stopping me in the hallways wondering if they could get tickets.”

The event kicked off with its iconic flag parade, the crowd cheering as flag-bearers emerged onto the stage. This year’s performances compromised of poetry; dancing, cultural and modern; singing, improv and an equally iconic fashion show.

The show featured both modern and cultural dance performances. Photo courtesy of SAC.

The show featured both modern and cultural dance performances. Photo courtesy of SAC.

Attendees expressed discontent at how hot the cafeteria was. During a break halfway through the show, an emcee explained that the air conditioner had broken down.

After the show, dinner was served. This year’s selection was diverse, with foods not only from South Asian cultures, but from other cultures as well. The menu included items such as sushi, biriyani, baklava, samosas, spring rolls, and more. Desserts included kulfi, cream-filled pastries and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Overall, aside from the air conditioner malfunction, this year’s show ran smoothly with cheers and resounding applause from the crowd.

Photo courtesy of SAC.

The show featured both modern and cultural dance performances. Photo courtesy of SAC.

“It was difficult at times,” Alfah Islam, a performer in the show, commented. “Choreographing and teaching the dance. It took a lot of my time, but at the end of the day, the outcome was great and people loved it. I mean, you should do what you love and in my case, it’s to dance.”

“The show was amazing! It was well-organized, put-together, thanks to Nidda and Samrin!” Tharmisha Rasanathan, another performer in the show also added.

“I think the show turned out great,” Janeeta Kaleem, one of the show’s committee members said.

“It was creatively planned,” Ilsa Khan, a student in Grade 10 who attended the show, said. “It was a lot of fun!”

“I honestly think it was a complete success, and finding out that it’s the only event that got sold out all year was definitely something to be proud of. I won’t lie, it was stressful at times but hearing how many people say that it was a great show and how much fun they had that night made it all worth it in the end!” said Nidda.

The full photographic coverage of this year’s International Show can be found on SAC’s Facebook Page.