Marc Garneau let its creativity flow at Art Council’s fifth annual Doodle Fest on 31 May 2018. Doodle Fest took place at lunch in the back field of MGCI, where students doodled with chalk, got their face painted, and enjoyed free snacks and music.

A poster advertising Doodle Fest on a portable in the back field. Photo: Laura Lu

Tables were set up on the back field supplied with chalk, face paint, freezies, and cookies. Some members of Art Council as well as teachers and other volunteers were stationed at the tables to paint students’ faces with small pictures, distribute the snacks, and control the music. Others walked around offering chalk and free snacks to the doodling students, and joining in on the fun themselves.

The event was advertised through posters around the school and on social media. As a result, over seventy-five students came out to partake in the event.

Doodle Fest was extremely well-received with many students participating and thoroughly enjoying all of the activities. By the end of the lunch period, nearly half of the track was covered in chalk doodles ranging from animals and flowers to self-portraits. Some students decided to write out jokes while others wrote out kind reminders like “Smile More” and “Be Happy”.

One of the many doodles drawn on the track. Photo: Laura Lu

Grade 10 attendee Zoya Khan said, “Just walking around and seeing what everyone contributed to this giant mural in a way was really cool. I liked that it was completely open for everyone to draw literally whatever they want.” Another attendee, Fiona Ferrera added, “I attended Doodle Fest both last year and this year. My friends and I had lots of fun drawing random things with the chalk. It was very de-stressing especially since we’re so close to exams! I’d definitely go again next year!”

When asked about the success of the event, Art Council member Sadia Siddique commented, “I was so impressed by the turnout and it was amazing to see the track covered in fun, colourful doodles. Doodle Fest really brought students together since it doesn’t require any skill or anything, it’s just an event open to anyone who wants to have a fun time with their friends.”