MGCI’s Art Council hosted their annual Doodle Fest in the back field during lunch on 1 June 2017. After a week of delays and cancellations, students were finally invited to express their creativity by doodling across the track. Greeted by the chalked paisleys and flowers drawn by Art Council, students from all grades participated in the event. Many students enjoyed Doodle Fest despite the initial challenges Art Council faced during its planning and execution.

Students crowd at the face painting booth. Photo: Justin Ye

Through Doodle Fest, Art Council hoped to garner students’ interest in visual arts. To do so, they organized several activities including drawing, face painting and doodling with chalk on the track. The drawing competition was quite popular among many of the participants as art supplies were awarded to the winners. The format of the competition was informal: two competitors drew the same model and judges decided a winner. Each winner earned their pick of a plethora of art supplies including highlighters, paints, markers, and pencils. Art Council members also ran a face painting booth, which received a lot of student traffic. They offered to paint many designs, including custom words, flowers, hearts, and stars.

However, the main attraction of the event was definitely doodling on the track. With chalk provided by Art Council, many students drew a variety of images or wrote words.

The main attraction of the event was doodling on the track. Photo: Justin Ye

Although Art Council was eventually able to hold the event, there were many problems with the timing. This was the first time that Doodle Fest was held during Ramadan, a time when most of the student body is fasting. Usually, there is a lot of food available to eat during Doodle Fest, but due to the timing, little was offered this year. Furthermore, the original date for the event was set as 24 May, but because of inclement weather conditions, the event was postponed. The marketing of the event was also affected because many event posters were not updated. To prevent confusion, Art Council posted announcements to inform the student body about the date change.

Despite the numerous organizational issues, members of the council said planning the event was fulfilling and enjoyable. “The best part about planning Doodle Fest was deciding on the different activities and figuring out how to make them enjoyable,” said Jasmine Zhu, a member of Art Council.

Overall, the event was a success. Attendee Haiqa Mahmood said, “My favourite part about Doodle Fest was doodling on the tracks and the music. I’m looking forward to next year!”