Student council members gather once again at their meeting, this time to discuss last week’s school spirit celebrations and bill 115.

SAC x The Reckoner is back! Marc Garneau’s Student Council may have seemed quiet these past few weeks, but much has been brewing behind the doors of the SAC office.

We had a wonderful five days of spirit last week–it was great to see students take part in this event, both to have fun and promote school spirit. What a pleasant surprise it was to walk through the halls and bump into someone in their comfy pj’s, or pass people with the craziest hair-do’s as you rushed frantically to class.

After school in the library today, class representatives gathered for their monthly meeting. As usual, the meeting began with president Soheil Koushan and vice president Yanxiu Wu extending a warm welcome to all those in attendance. Shortly after they discussed the agenda, Fahmi Rahman, our Social Convener for the 2012-2013 school year, talked about semi-formal. A few “are you going?” glances were tossed across the room, and many “should I go?” faces blossomed.

“It’s a night where you can relax, forget about school and all your worries, and just have fun with your buddies. Not only that, but it’s also a great opportunity to make new friends. Just think about it: how often would you go up to a random person in the hallway and say ‘Hi’? At semi, at this big dance party, it’s the perfect time, place, and atmosphere to do just that: meet new people,” he explained.

Doubtful glances continued in the audience.

“If your friends, or yourself, complain about work, perfect! Semi is right before a long weekend; you can party it up and then do your work afterwards. There’s actually no excuse!” Fahmi had seemingly read our minds, and the uncertainty in the representatives’ faces slowly subsided, replaced by a look of approval and sudden excitement.

As the audience continued to contemplate about attending semi-formal, they were split into two groups: Grade 9 and 10 representatives, and Grade 11 and 12 representatives. On the agenda for both groups was feedback on Spirit Week and Bill 115.

Vice president Yanxiu Wu led the senior students’ meeting. Feedback on the pep rally was generally positive, although on many occasions it was pointed out that advertising should’ve been executed more efficiently and on a wider scale. As well, suggestions were made from the representatives to better our pep rallies. From the looks of our discussions, the next rally is going to be bigger and better. Starting now, look forward to more activities, more sports, more music, more social involvement, and a whole lot more cougar in next semester’s pep rally!

As the excitement from discussing spirit week began to die down, Wu drove discussions towards a more serious subject: Bill 115. Giving a brief overview on the bill, he proceeded to ask the student representatives their thoughts on this pressing issue. A general consensus was made: it affected both teachers and students, but especially the students. One of the student representatives talked about his own experience and how the bill had impacted him. After the soccer team at Garneau was disbanded, he and a few friends decided to start a soccer club to satisfy their passion for the great sport. However, like many other aspiring clubs that inhabit Garneau’s hallways, he could not find a single teacher to be his staff advisor. In fact, he asked eight teachers, all of whom said no.

As I quietly sat down and listened in on the junior class representatives’ meeting led by president Soheil Koushan, semi formal and other extracurricular activities were being discussed.  One student inquired whether there would be an athletic banquet this year, to which another student replied: “Probably not; I mean, who will they hand out the awards to? There aren’t any sports teams this year.” It had never occurred to me, and I found myself shocked and disappointed at this revelation. It goes to show how the issue with Bill 115 could be resolved well before the annual Athletic Banquet in June, but it would matter little to the students. No matter what happens, there exist consequences that dwell in its aftershock.

So there you have it!  Even if they might fall under the radar every now and then, SAC is constantly on the go, and constantly meeting to plan more things for the school. As displayed in the first of many pep rallies, unity and spirit in any institution, especially a high school, makes it all the more enjoyable for everyone. Many more events are coming up, so be excited and stay excited: anything is possible now that our beloved cougar is back in action!