A look at a few of Garneau’s many clubs.

Disclaimer: This article totally isn’t a legitimate “compendium”. It may be concise, but it’s definitely not a comprehensive compilation of MGCI’s clubs. The author wasn’t clever enough to come up with a better alliteration for the title, that’s all.

Kudos. If you’re reading this, you’ve (probably) survived (or, at the very minimum are not-dead from) the wrath of September.

The first month of school ends as a new one begins. Aside from the crisp, fall mornings and crunchy Macintosh apples ripening in my backyard, October also brings us an intense array of student-lead extra-curricular involvement opportunities. October brings us pretty trees, awesome long weekends, and free candy. With these pleasantries comes the start-up of clubs. Have free time to kill during lunchtime on Mondays? Join Eco-Team. Love cubing? Wednesdays, room 223’s your best bet. Or maybe you’re the musical type? Chamber Strings meets Thursdays, at 3:00.

The problem faced by so many students at Garneau is rarely finding a club to join. Too often, the issue is more a matter of being in multiple locations simultaneously to attend the myriad of meetings held each lunchtime, and after-school.

This week, a spotlight is shone on three of Garneau’s newest clubs. From the scientific to the dramatic arts and urban design, Garneau’s clubs are sure to have something for everyone.

Interested in science? Free on Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunch? Find velocity-time graphs incredibly exciting and engaging (and maybe even a turn-on)? Perhaps Science club is for you. At each meeting, members are encouraged to participate in energetic discussions, preparing them for the various scientific competitions available throughout the year. Anyone and everyone is free to join, provided that you’re okay with any and all social stigmas associated with being a member of a science club. Think you’re interested? Show up at the meeting, and you’re in. Have a burning desire for more information? Contact Andrew Tan for even more details.

Or perhaps you’re more the dramatic (arts) type, with epic organizational skills, and would be happy to sit on MGCI’s very own Drama Council?  Presided by Ryan Marks, Drama Council seeks to increase awareness of the community to the efforts of Garneau’s esteemed Dramatic Arts department. From helping to organize a school play venue to increasing publicity and funding to Garneau’s array of Drama clubs, Drama Council’s meetings will be brief, but never banal. If you’re free Monday lunchtimes, the first meeting will occur on October 17th, so listen up for announcements and word-of-mouth as necessary!

Maybe you’re the innovative, sociable type who’s got an insatiable curiosity and passion for urban design? Jane’s Club meets on Wednesday at lunch, in room 227. In learning about planning, taking care of, and improving communities, members will come to a better understanding of urban planning and the barriers to urban development. Throughout the year, members will fund-raise for and ultimately lead a free, guided walk of the community. And if you’re wondering, yes, this club is named after Jane Jacobs.

Not interested in the clubs currently available? Starting your own is simple. Fill out a form, find a teacher-supervisor, executive team, and a time to meet. Have more questions? MGCI’s Student Council team hangs out in their SAC office in the back of the Cafeteria every lunchtime. They’re friendly, helpful, approachable, and genuinely wonderful people. Go have a chat sometime.