At lunch on 4 November, MGCI’s Clubs Fair was held in the galleria for students to explore. The Clubs Fair occurs once every semester, and provides the opportunity for clubs to promote their activities, and to try to recruit members. It was organized by Clubs Convenor Aurtheysh Amaranath. 12 clubs and committees were present, including Art Council, Habitat for Humanity, and Key Club. Each club had informative poster boards or flashy signs on display, and the club executives spoke with passersby who showed interest in their club.

Many of MGCI's students went around looking at the Clubs Fair tables during lunch today.

Many students attended the Clubs Fair in the galleria. Photo: Fahmida Tanzeer

Grade 12 student Selina McCallum, president of the Franq Girl Magazine Club which aims to promote true beauty for teenage girls, was advertising her club at the fair. She said that the fair is a “very good way to grab the attention of students. There are a lot of people sitting in the hallway at lunch, and it would be nice to get them involved in student activities.”

However, student turnout at the fair was somewhat low. This is possibly due to the fact that no announcements were made to notify students about the event. Victor Yu, a Grade 11 student visiting the fair, thought that “for the people who were actually there, it was pretty cool, but there weren’t enough people so it was not that effective.”

“Next semester, I would like to plan it out earlier,” said Amaranath, “and make it more grand, so it draws more attention.”