Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow up?  Chances are, if you’re in your high school career, you have.  Every year, the bubble forms come around, bringing with them clamours of “What are you going to take?” and rows and rows of funny codes.

However, if you look and listen carefully, there is a 4 letter combination that is rarely spoken about, and even more rarely selected.


It’s funny, because when MGCI presented the first opportunity to select courses, my eyes simply passed over it.  It never really registered, especially because of our packed time tables. And its true.  The way timetables are generally arranged never allowed anyone to consider it.  But once in a while, there will be an opportunity when the courses are organized just right, and CO-OP becomes an option.

Through questions posed to students that do not go to MGCI, it was found that not many high schools offer CO-OP as an option. Not Victoria Park CI or Don Mills CI.

So you can say that we are special in a way.

Even though it may seem kind of sketchy and different from what a normal high school course would be like, don’t be discouraged from taking advantage of this service that we are lucky to have at MGCI.

Getting out there into the workforce, exploring a profession of choice, preparing as one would for a real job interview, and then working in those conditions can give a student an indicator of whether that profession is right for him or her.