they say the sun will one day explode
            and rip the earth apart
but i think i could
            try my hand at eating the stars
just wait; watch me rip them apart,
            tear away hydrogen and helium,
            weave their fire through my fingers,
            gnash apart galaxies and
                        form my own clusters;
                        find my own sun
i will not wait for a billion years
            until the sun reaches its limit.
i am sorry, but
            the sun and i cannot coexist like this:
i am no longer going to
            be slowly swallowed by time
and if i cannot fight against the stars
            then i will take even just a fraction of its flames out with me
give me a hand, will you?
can you add a rung to my ladder
            so i can get one step closer to confronting the sun?
it is still burning,
and i can feel it scorch my skin;
            one step closer and my fingertips are on fire
            two steps closer and it is too blinding to see what comes next
but i have planets behind me
            galaxies in front of me
and i am no longer accepting a coexistence
            with the slowly-killing sun

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