On 11 November 2014 at around 12:05 pm, performers took to the stage for Tuesday Café – renamed this year to “The Roar”. The Roar is set to take place every other week, and boasts an open call for performers of all talents, with singing, dancing, and playing instruments being the main focus.

The stars for this week were Grade 12 student Teodora Blidaru singing How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds, followed by Arani Kulamurugan performing a Glee cover of Imagine, originally by John Lennon.

“Despite technical difficulties, it was a very fun event,” said Teodora.

The first performance was delayed by a few minutes due to issues with the microphones and wires. Thankfully, these issues did not arise again during the second performance.

“The crowd was quite supportive. This event gives us a chance to showcase our talents and come out of our shell,” said Arani.

“Last year, Tuesday Café was a biweekly event. Performers, mostly musical ones, would go on stage and sing or play every time”, said Mara Gagiu, Spirit Convenor for Student Activity Council and organizer for the Roar. “I want to continue the tradition this year but at the same time, open up to a wider variety of talents.  Having people go up on stage, showcasing their talents, brings the student body closer.”

The next Roar performance is set to include a singer, a rapper, and, tentatively, a band.

Photo Credit: Shawana Munir

Teodora Blidaru performed a rendition of How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds for the first “The Roar” event of the school year. Photo: Shawana Munir