Garneau’s galleria stood strong against the tsunami of students who attended MGCI’s Clubs Fair during lunch on 20 October 2017.

Cookies for sale at the clubs fair. Photo: Jenny Bai

The event was held to promote twenty-seven of the vast variety of clubs at MGCI, including EcoTeam, SciTalk, Muslims Student Association and Doctors Without Borders. The fair purposefully coincided with an unhealthy food sales day, allowing clubs to sell an array of delightful eats such as pizza, candy kabobs, cookies, and milkshakes made to order.

The Clubs Fair was popular with students as the galleria was packed from the beginning to the end of lunch. Attendee James Lin said, “It was a really good event. I liked the variety of food and clubs that were there.” Other accounts of the event agreed, with the only common complaint being that it was rather crowded.

Clubs selling a variety of food. Photo: Jenny Bai

Club executives also found the fair quite successful. Raluca Gondor, Co-President of MGCI’s Target Alpha Club said, “I thought it was a good way for clubs to gain more visibility within the school. The set up may have been a little too crowded and it was difficult to interact with people at times, but I liked that it allowed us to reach more people within the student body.”

The fair was organized primarily by SAC’s Clubs’ Convenor, Harini Wijeyakumar. SAC teacher advisors Mr. Alexander and Ms. Balkissoon also helped set up the event by booking tables and assembling photographers. Club participation in the fair was on a first come, first serve basis as spaces were limited. Approximately 80% of MGCI’s seventy clubs submitted forms indicating their interest in taking part of the occasion, but less than thirty were chosen to participate.

Harini plans on holding another Clubs Fair in second semester, with hopes of expanding the fair to include the space outside of the library as well. She also expressed her gratitude towards her fellow peers, saying, “Thanks to the students for coming down to the galleria and supporting their peers and our school’s clubs!”