Only a moment ago, 

There was a breathing classroom 

Only to be replaced with an unforeseen

Death toll of seventeen


Minutes ago,

I could smell the terror the situation had laid  

As mere children scurried away

From the relentless rage 

The gunman possessed


Stumbled upon the deafening roar

Of gun shots; 

Adrenaline coursed through my veins.

For fear it would be my blood that would stain

The polished marble floor


Swallowed back the coppery taste of blood.

Another loud thud,

No more running. 

A piercing touch to the spine

Reminding me of the cunning 

Devil who murders. 


Out the clear window, 

The dark blue sky engulfed the enraged sun 

And with that, 

Yet another shooting had occurred

And once again, the government has shunned 

Gun control. 


Your decisions 

cost lives. 

Do something.

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