Dodgeball intramurals began this year on 9 November 2017 and continued until 12 December 2017 with Daddy’s Team beating Team Extra in a tight 3–2 game.

Subaani Mathy, a participant on the winning team, said, “It feels good to win, especially because the finals consisted of two teams apart of the same friend group so everyone was competing to win. I think it was a good comeback since we were losing 2-1 at first but came back and won 3-2. Good teamwork and great efforts are what got us to finals and helped us win against Team Extra.”

In total, around one hundred and ten players participated in this year’s intramural, making twenty-six teams of four to six players. Games were played during lunch in the gym with four games every day. Exhibition games, casual games that have no impact on a team’s standings, lasted for two to three weeks. On 22 November 2017, playoffs began and progressed over the following two weeks.

Players stand on guard for balls being launched by the opponent. Photo: Janani Satkunarajah

The dodgeball games were elimination style, which meant once a player was hit they were out for the round. To advance or win in the semi-finals and finals, teams needed to win three out of five rounds. Mr. Hillman referee-ed the games to ensure fair play.

When asked why he participated, Grade 10 student Nelson Lee from Team Litty Mans said, “[Dodgeball] provided an excellent opportunity to meet new people while doing a sport I love.”

SAC Athletic Convenor Kashaf Amir said, “Overall [the dodgeball intramural] was good,”. However, in the future, she plans to have more people helping in the committee for intramurals to help organize the many participants and games.

The next intramurals will be for volleyball with signups starting next week.