At lunch on Thursday, 10 December and Friday, 11 December, MGCI’s Eco Team held Eco Ex in the galleria. They sought to change people’s opinions on our actions toward our environment. The project was spearheaded by Ms. Roberge and the Eco Team executives. The Eco Team put together a banner to attract more people to participate in their activities.

Photo: Matthew Tse

Members of the Eco Team taught students how to reuse old t-shirts. Photo:Matthew Tse

Eco Ex consisted of four different stations: recycling roulette, DIY gardening, DIY t-shirt bag, and a petition signing station. Eco Team members were present at each station to run the events. Gardening starter kits were given out at the DIY gardening station. The kits consisted of small coffee cups with soil and seeds. The DIY t-shirt bag station taught students how to make bags from old t-shirts.

The petition station encouraged students to join the fight against mistreatment of garbage. In some condominiums, garbage is collected by private companies who fail to sort the garbage properly. The petition encouraged the government to start collecting garbage from high-rise residential areas, such as the neighbourhood around MGCI. This regulated system will ensure that the garbage can be sorted and disposed of properly.

Charmaine Chang is a member of the Eco Team, and volunteered at the event. “I think everything went great! Especially the DIY gardening station, which ran out on the first day.” She went on to describe ways to improve the event in the future. “Next time, I would get more advertising so we could have more participants and try to get more people in the school involved.”