I’ve had my share of late nights this year: studying for tests, making presentations, and writing essays.  It has been a tough semester.  And as if the lack of sleep wasn’t unhealthy enough, right on time at 2 AM in the morning, I inevitably get the essay munchies.  I find myself heading downstairs to hunt down a late night snack.  Maybe I’m just procrastinating or maybe the late nights throw my body clock out of whack.  Maybe homework induces some kind of physiological change in me that just makes me crave food.  Whatever the reason, it looks like I’ll be getting the essay munchies a lot more in the future.  Here is a list of my essay munchy faves:


5.  Peanut butter toast with bananas

Peanut butter and bananas just complement each other so well.  Really this is a delicious snack for any time of the day.


4.  Cheerios

This crunchy snack is perfect for eating while studying.

3.  Oatmeal

Yes, I have thing for eating breakfast foods very early in the morning.  Anyways, the plus side is that this one is healthy.

2.  Milk Pudding: 

This one is a Hong Kong classic and is just a great comfort food.  Served warm with ginger juice (tastes delicious!)

1.  Chocolate:

Nothing beats good-old-late-night chocolate.  Whether it’s dark chocolate or milk chocolate or chocolate covered orange peels (my fave), this snack is sure to satisfy the munchies and put you in a great mood so you can get back to that essay.