The sky was blue and waves were clear
When around the bend a fishing boat steered
Sitting aboard clutching their rods
Stood two blind men, like peas in a dark pod

These poor fellas groaned in dismay
For many fish they did hear, but none that would stay
Yet their hungry stomachs were ever so sore
Casting out their lines, they try their bad luck once more

After a while, with no movement felt below
The two blind men to the heavens yelled: “Oh, the WOE!”
Then suddenly, as if God heard their cries
At the end of the line, two fish swam by

Both fish bit the lure and both fish were trapped
They squirmed and against the hull they slapped
Hearing this, the stronger of the two men pulled with all his might
And voilà! The caught fish flew into his blind sight

His partner, poor man, did not share his luck
He pulled the rod hard, but it felt like lifting a truck
“Don’t mind me!” He yelled to his friend who stood aside
“Go get your fish, and then help me with mine!”

The first man nodded, and heeding his friend’s words
He reached out and grabbed the air where the fish was last heard
By sheer chance, he got ahold of the fish’s long tail
But the scales where so slippery, his efforts were to no avail

During this struggle, the man lost his footing
And the entire boat flipped with the men inside cursing
The fishes, seeing this, fled for their lives
They swam away without a single goodbye

Fortunately, the blind men could swim rather well
Cold and drenched they were, but still safe and swell
“Lets go fish again” the men (once ashore) opined
And that’s when they realized: they were no longer blind!

Photo: Thiébaud Faix on