SHSM Information Meeting

There is a meeting for any students interested in joining our SHSM Specialist High School Major ICT Information and Communications Technology program today at lunch time.

This program is an enhancement for your secondary school experience that you can work on for your OSSD and get lots of experiential learning along the way.

Co-op is a major part of the program and getting real world experience with reach aheads, certification, and contextual learning opportunities.

We’ll be collecting names and getting organized for a busy year ahead.

Students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 are welcome to come and signup and listen to the presentation for more info.

As well, there will be an opportunity to do some of the online certifications provided at that time to get started.

Come to Room 102 at noon today for the information session.

Conference Registration

Period 1 Grade 11 teachers and classes please take a few moments to register for the conference. Each Grade 11 student has received an invitation link through their TDSB email account. Students can register using a phone, laptop, desktop computer, etc. Grade 11s make sure you register today!