Math Contests

Math club is holding registrations for the upcoming COMC, CIMC, and CSMC. The COMC costs $15, and the CIMC and CSMC cost $12. Come to room 329 this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday at lunch to sign up.

Fall Fest

Fall Fest is quickly approaching so be sure to grab your tickets starting Monday for our early bird prices of $23 in the SAC Office during lunch. Grab them while quantities last!

Don River Law Society

Interested in law? Join the Don River Law Society on Mondays at lunch in room 235 to participate in discussions, improve your public speaking skills, and participate in competitions! See you then!

Chemistry Society

Hey Garneau! How many guacs are in a bowl of guacamole? Avocado’s number! Come to MGCI Chemistry Society on Friday at lunch in room 311 to learn more about moles, Avogrado’s number, and more. There will also be a fun activity with chocolate!