Mr. Anthony

To say that this year has been unusual would certainly be an understatement. From prolonged lockdowns to quadmester schedules, students and staff across the world have gone through a slew of changes. But despite the repercussions of COVID-19, there have been exciting developments at Garneau. Case in point: This school year, Mr. Anthony joined MGCI’s Computer Science department.

Mr. Anthony attended Ontario Tech University—formerly known as University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)—for the video game development and entrepreneurship program, graduating with a degree in Information Technology. Having worked briefly at Apple, he got a taste of office life, but ultimately decided that “[he] wanted to work closely with other people for a living, not in a cubicle!”

“Unsure of what to do, I found myself helping out a close friend who was a teacher in a nearby high school. It didn’t take long for me to decide I would have fun teaching,” Mr. Anthony said, thinking back on his experiences—and that was the start of his teaching career as a computer science teacher. “The next semester I picked up a few math credits I needed from York University and Ryerson University, and the following year I attended Nipissing University for their education program. When I graduated, I accepted a job offer to teach in London, England.” Ultimately, his teaching career brought him to MGCI. This quadmester, Mr. Anthony is currently teaching grade 12 computer science (ICS4U).

In his spare time, he enjoys exercising, building computers, and gaming. “Once the world is no longer ending, I will be excited to get back out to restaurants and room escapes. During COVID-19, I have become an excellent cook,” Mr. Anthony said, adding, “the next item on my bucket list is to marry Scarlet Johansson.”

When asked about his experience at MGCI so far, Mr. Anthony noted that during his “entire time at MGCI we’ve been in lockdown, so there’s a lot I haven’t been able to do. I have students and coworkers I’ve never even seen!” Despite these obstacles, Mr. Anthony has been actively involved in extracurriculars at Garneau.

“My favourite experience would probably be working with students on extracurriculars, such as the Waterloo contests and the FIRST robotics team,” he stated. “It says something about the students at MGCI that even during a pandemic when everything is remote, there has been huge involvement in extracurriculars. Students here want to get involved and try new things. As I’ve recently discovered, students here are very good at what they do!”

Mr. Anthony concluded with a final message for MGCI’s community: “Stay strong. Support those closest to you the same way you want and need to be supported. It’s okay to not be okay. We’re almost through this,” he said. “Oh, and when you are eligible, get your vaccine!”