Running a school newspaper isn’t an easy job. Arranging meetings, encouraging output, and managing staff can get tiring after a while. You have to find the balance between being critical and gentle. You need to reach out to and connect with a student body as diverse as Marc Garneau’s. You need to foster dedication and enthusiasm from writers while being respectful of their other commitments. In the daily functioning of the paper, it’s easy to get lost in these difficulties. The reporting, editing, and recruiting gradually become habit, and you forget the motivations that first brought the paper into existence.

The Reckoner was created to bring the students of Garneau together. To give the students a unified, uncensored voice. And these goals have only begun to be realized as the third year of the paper’s existence comes to a close. They can’t be fulfilled without the support of you: the reader. Engage with us—read, write back, ask questions. Take ownership of your school, however that ownership might manifest itself. Expect the very best from your administration, teachers, peers, student government, and from yourself.

The more we commit to the founding values of the newspaper, and the more we notice the gradual changes the paper has made, the less the daily difficulties matter. For some of us, it’s time to take on the paper’s mission with a fresh heart, while for others, it’s time to say goodbye and thank you. The Reckoner owes tremendous gratitude to school administration, Student Council, and staff advisor Ms. Speirs for their continued support. I’d like to thank the Third Guard for their belief in my leadership, and our readers for your interest and encouragement. The paper will be back next year, better than ever. We’ll see you then.

Kasra Koushan
Editor in Chief