With summer break just over the horizon, my time as Editor in Chief is coming to a close. I first joined The Reckoner because I wanted to make friends, but it has come to be much more than just that. It’s pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, encouraged me to take risks, and gave me confidence in my abilities. But most importantly, it’s given me an appreciation for the teachers and student body that makes MGCI so special.

Through the paper, I’ve been able to meet many different people at Garneau, including a Syrian Refugee in her first week in Canada and a star athlete representing Canada on the world stage. Their stories are just two of the hundreds that shape the MGCI landscape, and through listening to these stories, I’ve come to view diversity as our school’s defining quality. Garneau students don’t conform to cliques or stereotypes. Instead, we form an intricate collage of cultures and interests that represent all corners of the world and all walks of life.

The Reckoner is the bridge between these differences, giving a voice to every student in the school and allowing our diversity to shine through. I wanted to take a paper further this year by expanding topics, exploring new journalistic mediums, and refining the quality of our publications. I don’t expect the newspaper to have had the same impact on everyone else that it has on me, but if it has helped you appreciate our school’s diversity even a little, I’ve accomplished my goal.

At The Reckoner, I’ve been blessed with a solid network of people who have been there for me at every turn. They are the people that keep me going through the late nights and push me to keep improving the paper. The Seventh Guard’s success is owed to them and I’d like to take the time to thank them for all they have done:

To Ms. Goldenberg, for your trust and careful criticisms.
To Ms. Speirs, for your guidance and support at every turn.
To Ms. Ali and Mr. Gilmore, for your patience and assistance.
To Ms. O’Flynn-Wheeler, for your encouragement and enthusiasm.
To the Seventh Guard Executives, for the hard work and endless roasts.
To my staff, you are the backbone of this paper.

And finally to the reader, thank you for joining us on this adventure. I encourage you to be just as supportive of the paper and its work in the future. Moreover, I challenge you to stay informed and critical of the world around us. And come join The Reckoner, there’s a spot for everyone with an inquisitive streak.

Best regards,
Varun Venkataramanan
Editor in Chief