A swarm of dead fruit flies were spotted in the soap container of the third floor boys’ bathroom this afternoon. A similar finding occurred last week in the second floor boys’ bathroom.

Students had mixed reactions to hearing about the finding.

“I find it disgusting. It’s as if it makes my hands dirtier than before I went to piss,” remarks one student. Another student was “not surprised, considering how awful the bathrooms already are.”

One young man had a different take: “I don’t think it’s a big deal. I guess it’s not bad to have some protein in my soap.”

It’s difficult to tell who’s responsible for this strange discovery, and whether it’s even an issue in the first place. The sanitation at our school has always been a sensitive issue, particularly in the boys’ bathrooms. Students often complain about a lack of toilet paper, and other students’ lack of care in performing such simple tasks as flushing the toilets. In this case, we don’t know whether it was a care-taking issue or if a few boys had a problem with the soap containers. However, the fact that it has occurred more than once in separate bathrooms indicates that it is more likely an issue of the sanitation itself.

This is an issue that many students would likely be upset with, and may even be a sanitary threat; it should thus be looked into by administration and our care-taking team.

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