On Thursday, 11 June, the Spirit Committee hosted MGCI’s Fun Fair in the back field. The event ran from the beginning of lunch to 1:30 pm and consisted of a many different events. Students were also given free food. The event had a beach theme and students were encouraged to dress accordingly. To go along with the theme, SAC sold flower leis and grass skirts throughout the event. Though the event was originally advertised to be on 10 June, it was delayed by a day due to unsatisfactory weather conditions.

Spirit Convenor Mara Gagiu said that the event was held “to garner school spirit and let students de-stress before exam week”.

Students were given the opportunity to jump in Bouncy Castles, play on a monster slide, and fight in a Gladiator Joust. They could also compete against each other in Tug of War and Hula-Hooping competitions. During the event, two flash mobs took place and the MGCI cougar paraded around the field, taking pictures with a selfie stick.

Members of SAC and the Spirit Committee helped run the fair by distributing cotton candy and hot dogs, controlling lineups at fair activities, and carrying signs directing students to different games.

Many students were very pleased with the event, saying they would attend more events like this. “It’s a good way to get the school involved,” commented Lois Lau, a Grade 9 student.

However, some were also interested as to how the Spirit Committee was able to fund this event. Student Anbuja Srikanthan added, “I’m surprised that SAC can afford it.”

According to SAC President Maria Kashif, the SAC budget had allocated $2000 towards the Fun Fair for quite a while. The largely anticipated event was funded by a small fee that was collected from students at the beginning of the year. This sum gave the Spirit Committee enough money to rent the equipment, namely the Bouncy Castles, Slides, and Gladiator Joust, as well as for food and other supplies.

“There was a huge turnout which was great,” stated Gagiu. “I encourage the next Spirit Convenor to start finding sponsors so that the school can have these kinds of festivals more often.”

Some participants made suggestions for future events. Grade 12 student Sean Purcell said that there was a need for more activities to reduce the wait times. Mara shared the same view when she said, “there were lots of lineups for the attractions and food… So I would have included more on-the-field events to ease out the traffic.”

The overall event was well received, and many students enjoyed the activities. The MGCI Fun Fair helped relieve stress by allowing students to take their minds off schoolwork and enjoy the beautiful day.