On 11 May 2018, Marc Garneau’s Student Activity Council (SAC) held a Fun Fair at lunch on the back field. SAC had originally planned the event for 4 May 2018, but changed the date due to the weather. They advertised the Fun Fair on social media, announcements, and posters around the school.

Clubs had the opportunity to participate in the fair by selling food or hosting games. SAC, Key Club, and Orphan Sponsorship Club sold a variety of foods including baked goods, popcorn, pizza, samosas, and freezies. EcoTeam held “Recycling Roulette”, a game in which students tried to correctly sort waste into garbage, recycling, and compost. Prom Committee also had a table set up for students to purchase prom tickets.

Clubs selling food at the Fun Fair. Photo: Alex Yu

SAC also organized many games for students to play. Games included an egg and spoon race, cup stacking, pool noodle jousting, tug of war, and cup pong. Participants won a variety of prizes at the games, including grass skirts, sunglasses, and house colour points.

Grade 9 Representative Ryan Chang, who helped organize the event, said, “It was a bit hectic because we ran into some technical issues. Games were pretty messy because a lot of it was last minute. Set-up was also done a bit late. If we could have set up first period then things would have been a lot more organized. It’s considered a success because most people had fun and we didn’t lose any profits and that’s always a good sign.” Grade 12 Representative John Le also thought that the Fun Fair was a success, but suggested, “We could improve by maybe having even more games.”

Zarmeen Yaqoob, a student who attended the fair, said, “This event was amazing! It really gave us a chance to socialize with our friends while enjoying the food and games. Overall, I think this year’s Fun Fair was a success.”