Some people spent their extended weekend break different from others – whether it be a restful PA day, romantic Valentine’s day, or relaxing family day. For FBLA members, their long weekend consisted of competing at a virtual Canada-wide leadership conference. 

FBLA, also known as Future Business Leaders of America, is a student career organization that provides opportunities on a vast spectrum. This year, FBLA Canada offered events in health science, coding & programming, entrepreneurship, business/industry management, economics, and accounting. Students could compete either orally, through an exam, or both, depending on their strengths and desired event. Depending on their event, they could also choose, instead of competing individually, to compete in teams of 2-3. MGCI students competed in all sorts of events ranging from healthcare to hospitality, economics to entrepreneurship. 

This year was MGCI FBLA’s opening year, so the chapter also faced a few logistical twists especially given this year’s circumstances. As MGCI FBLA’s co-president Emma Liu stated, “Admittedly, there have been a lot of ups and downs for the exec team in leading FBLA this year. Not only was this our founding year, but it was also a year ghosted by the COVID-19. However, even though there were a lot of downs, we were able to learn a lot about the FBLA competitive process. We’re now super excited and prepared to bring that experience to MGCI in the coming years!” Furthermore, the executives of the club had to work hard to compile resources, create training schedules, and guide members. 

CNLC, the Canadian national FBLA conference, was held from February 13th to 15th. Although it is usually held at a venue in downtown Toronto, this year, it was online. Competitors were required to attend the specific time slots for their event. FBLA also offered other optional but valuable opportunities such as webinars from FBLA alumni and esteemed professionals in the business world, a virtual networking event, and even a mystery competition. 

On the CNLC experience, competitor and MGCI FBLA Logistics Director Alvin Young said, “CNLC was a unique experience that I genuinely enjoyed, since it allowed me to test my skills in the hospitality and business sector. As well, I was able to discover all sorts of other opportunities, including networking, webinars, and other contests.” 

Finally, after two days of competition on the 13th and 14th, the closing ceremony was held on the 15th. MGCI was recognized as the third-place chapter in performance, among the many school and community FBLA chapters. MGCI had three qualifiers for the next stage of competition, NLC. Although it was originally set to be held in Anaheim, California, in June and July, competitors this year will be competing in FBLA on the international level virtually. Furthermore, MGCI swept away 6 top 10 awards across the events. Some top competitors also received monetary prizes. 

Regarding the future of FBLA, Emma said, “I hope to see FBLA grow to be a hub where people can feel included and accomplished through the many National/International competitions and in-chapter events we’ll be hosting. The exec team will work hard towards making FBLA a pillar in the Marc Garneau student environment and provide the best possible training we can to make sure students are ready to compete at the national/international level.” 


The Reckoner would like to extend their congratulations to the following FBLA competitors who were recognized at the awards ceremony: 

Lucy Qi: 8th place, Economics 

Samara Rahman: 3rd place, Health Care Administration

Eddie Chen: 4th place, Introduction to Business

Angela Xu: 2nd place, Introduction to Business 

Jonathan Wu: 4th place, Coding & Programming 

Amy Jia & Emma Liu: 2nd place, Sports & Entertainment Management 

All students who placed in the top 3 advance to compete internationally at NLC.