On 23 March, teachers and students vied for a trophy in a student vs. teacher basketball game. This took place in the gym during lunch. The game lasted around 19 minutes. The verdict: Teachers won, 38-29.

Hajra Arif, the school’s athletic convener helped organize the event. She said that the purpose of the game was to “amp people up about basketball” because the senior boy’s basketball team did very well this year.


Students compete against the teachers in a basketball game. Photo: Cindy Cui

Any student who had been in one of the school’s four basketball teams were invited to join the ‘student’ team. However, no junior players opted to play, and the student team comprised of senior boy’s basketball team and one member of the senior girls team.

Teachers involved in the teacher team were Ms. Elliot, Mr. Hillman, Mr. Zecevic, Mr. Labayen, P.C. Yung, and KC, a community member who helps coach several teams at MGCI. Many students watched the game and cheered for the teacher and student teams alike. The game was a preview to the pep rally which was scheduled to occur the following day.