Team captain Kayla takes a foul shot. Photo: Jackie Ho

Senior team captain Kayla Henry takes a foul shot.
Photo: Jackie Ho

On the afternoon of 3 October, there were back-to-back basketball games between MGCI’s girls’ basketball teams and Malvern CI. The senior girls won their game 38-24 while the junior girls were defeated 14-36. They were the first games of the official season.

The senior girls played a tough game, continually leading by a couple baskets. Malvern was awarded bonus shots in the second half slowly tightening the score. Garneau’s team kept up the lead with multiple baskets in the 4th quarter. The game finished with a 14 point lead.

“The game went really well. The girls played hard, defended well, and worked together as a team,” stated Ms. Libunao, the senior girls’ coach. “For the first time,” she added, as an afterthought.

Previously on 21 September, the team competed at a tournament held at the University of Toronto. There they played five games, winning one.

After the senior girls’ game, the junior girls’ team played against Malvern’s junior team. They played hard, using what they learned in practice on the court.

“I think we all worked really hard. We didn’t give up. We scored a few points right at the end!” said Rebecca Wong, a Grade 10 player.┬áThis was the first game played by the junior girls’ team.

Throughout both games, MGCI students showed their cougar pride by cheering on the teams. Good luck in future games girls, this is only the beginning.