It’s the third week of school and I must admit I was caught off guard when my brother called me a high-schooler. Speaking of off-guardedness I was also caught quite off guard by some bamfs during rugby today. I recall after practice this morning encountering Martin the senior, who seemed amused at the idea of tops kids in rugby and simply wished us “good luck” with a passing smirk.

Anyways, it’s astonishing that I’m suddenly in high school, a teenager in full, and how everything just seems to have shifted up a couple of gears, and upgraded from a Camry to a spicy white M3 beamer. It’s like, BAM. Forget the comforts of homerooms and nice homeroom teachers. Forget the cozy small two storey school that you can actually find your way around. Forget the lack of clubs and the teams never clashing, heck, rid yourself of that because we are literally being bombarded with Key Club and Rowing and “Depressed? Join the Metaphysics thing”.

Well that’s my little heartfelt speech on finally growing up and maturing. Just remember that you can do anything you want, even if you are a skinny arse boy playing the wrong sport. Go for it, no matter what people say (not antagonizing Martin or anything). Don’t be embarrassed that you’re in TOPS (but don’t scream it out either). And above all, have fun! Yay! That’s my 2 cents advice. Hope you don’t think I’m crazy (yet).