On 30 October 2018, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) screened a movie during lunch and after school to raise awareness of the club. Dozens of students crowded the desks in Toom 214, singing along and searching up shoutouts for the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Students enjoyed a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Image: Janet Chen

The film originally started as a B-movie, but developed into a midnight movie after the audience began shouting responses at the screen when it was first showed in theatres. A set script for call outs was created and the movie became a cult classic.

After considering many movies, GSA chose The Rocky Horror Picture Show because it is known to be a very accepting musical that touches upon topics outside heteronormativity and has a science-fiction, monster-related genre that is perfect for Halloween. The screening had quite the turnout, with almost fifty attendees. Fatima Gulab, a Grade 10 student, said she found the movie interesting and wanted to support the club. Another student in Grade 11, Josephine Davey-Young, said she saw the movie because she “really wanted to see the version that made the Rocky Horror Show widespread.”

Students viewed the Rocky Horror Picture Show during lunch and after school in Room 214. Image: Janet Chen

MGCI GSA was originally started up in 2011 by a student who was keen on spreading social awareness after her cousin had been killed in Jamaica for being gay. Since then, the club has hosted many school activities such as seminars and has also interacted with organizations in the community. “I thought reviving the club could help students at Marc Garneau feel more safe and open to discuss these topics,” said Bridget Heo, the current president, in regards to the revival of the club late last year after all of its former members had graduated.

GSA meets every Tuesday at lunch in room 214 and aims to provide a safe, friendly environment for any and all students. Ms. Munro, one of the staff advisors, said, “We don’t ask people about their sexuality; you don’t have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to join. We just assume people are allies and that’s all.”

This year, they plan to bring in guest speakers to discuss issues such as language and sexual health in youth. In addition, they will be organizing partner activities with Supporting Our Youth (SOY), a group focused on promoting the wellbeing of young LGBTQ+ members in Toronto. They will also be regularly screening movies and celebrating awareness days like Pink Day and the upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The months since GSA’s revival have been nothing short of remarkable. The club’s members look forward to meeting new allies and expanding their positive platform in the coming year.