Marc Garneau’s spirit committee hoped to see tons of scary ghosts this monday, some cackling witches, maybe. At least one slutty pumpkin. But instead it was greeted with an empty cafeteria after school where the costume contest was supposed to be. Garneau, we’ve missed out this year on prizes for the most creative crazy amazing costume. Halloween’s come and gone and we have literally nothing to show for it. We literally had a room full of no people. What a shame.

Garneau’s caf during Special Events

Wouldn’t it be sick if for next October every single student, teacher, student teacher, administrator, librarian, and police officer in the school took as much interest in Halloween as those adorable little four year olds making their rounds through the classrooms? YES!

Grab your buds and figure out a great group idea for it then. Do it before it’s too late. Do it now. Do it. In case you’re having trouble, I’ll give you a few ideas that you can look back on October 30th 2012.

1. Shrek and other characters. Who doesn’t wanna slather themselves in green paint, put on a fat suit, and belch?


2.Food. Any kind of food – it doesn’t matter. There are plenty of ideas to go around a larger group of friends. TIP: If your costume involves balloons, be wary of pencils.



3. Clue characters. This is the best game ever, but you might end up with 7 Colonel Mustards. (because he’s the best)





4. Other funny things. This one’s my favourite!