On 15 May, 7:00 pm, the stage was set for MGCI’s Music Night. The performances showcased a diverse range of instruments and also covered a broad range of repertoire. From powerful music with vigour to serene guitar melodies, everyone went home with a tune in their head.

Music Night was divided into two acts with a ten minute intermission in between. It started with the Grade 9 band playing “Mary Anne”. Guitars then came on stage next beginning with a Greensleeves arrangement. They then gathered energy and their music was transformed into fast pace rock rhythms, including “Rockin’ Robbin”, “Surf Rock”, and “Rock Ballad”. It followed with more powerful beats by Concert Band, playing “The Eagles Triumph”, and “The Best of Queen”, Guitar Club, strumming out “Anastasia”, and Grade 10/11/12 Band delivering “Gonna Fly Now”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Jazzy swing tunes such as “Stevie’s Blues” were played by Grade 11/12 Guitar.

Music Night performances included singing, dancing, and instruments.

Music Night performances included singing, dancing, and instruments. Photo: Cindy Cu


Following the intermission, the music awards of vocal and band were given out to music students demonstrating outstanding performance for each grade from 9 to 12. An interesting highlight was the Teacher Band, featuring Mr. Rakonjac on drums, Ms. Libunao on keyboard and voice, and Mr. Gang and Mr. Sharp on electric guitars. They showed off their talents with “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” by Hall and Oates. The grand finale was Stage Band and Show Choir performing classics including “Thriller”, and “ABC”. “Music Night was successful,” says Mr. Rakonjac, an MGCI music teacher, “The performances were great.”

Overall, Music Night was complete with enthusiasm and a bright spirit for music performance. The proceeds from the tickets sold will go to funding for MGCI’s growing music program. As of now, the performance has finished, but planning for the next Music Night in December will soon go underway.