Writing is a way to find solace, to be in that zen moment.

But words at times can be heavy and weigh as much as a ton.

It can leave a scar, leaving a memory to burn into ashes or it can bring a smile.

It’s hard to articulate words, because you may perceive it differently than others. For you it may be healing, but for me it may be destroying. In essence, that’s the art of writing, it has an ambiguous meaning. It’s not always black and white.

There’s a diverse network of colours.

There’s diversity in style and structure, breaking the bonds of tradition and going beyond the stratosphere.

Moving from modernism, moving away from symbolism to self-reflexivity.

So yes, writing can be both healing and destroying, but we can always structure it in such a way for it to be therapeutic and tranquil.

For a writer has the liberty over writing, while a reader has the choice of  reading what they please.

Allowing their perception to change and the willingness to move beyond the truth.

The thing about writing is that it can be anything you want it to be.

Photo: Pixabay on Pexels.com