As a long-standing member of the-earlier-the-better Christmas brigade, radio stations that begin playing their holiday tunes on full blast the moment November rolls around, have always had my back. But with festive classics like Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas, Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby, Frank Sinatra’s crooning hits, and basically every rendition of Jingle Bell Rock ever playing on an endless loop every year, the sudden switch from Halloween spook to Christmas jolly can be a little hard on those who think this time of the year is “too early” for the Holiday season.

So here’s a playlist dedicated to the people who grumble about all the in-your-face Christmas songs filled with the usual jingling bells, jazz riffs, Christian motifs, and whoops of joy. These tunes are sure to ease even the most unenthusiastic grinch into a winter-time spirit, and possibly even introduce a whole new subgenre to the carol traditionalists out there.

Cheers to a low-key Christmas playlist filled with an updated roster of tracks guaranteed to never have you asking: “this song again?”