What can be the smallest piece of your soul,

Or an empress paving her way through your body.


That ethereal essence, as light and soft as silk, 

Laying layer upon layer of its satiny foundation. 

A foundation that encompasses your passions and humanity, 

lighting the fire that will fuel your ambitions.


Hope will lead you on. 

Helping you find that light in the darkest of tunnels.

Hope is the light.


Hope is the dusky sky.

Those pale pinks, soft blues.

The silent stars that shine in the night sky.


Hope is in the thousand winds that blow on a chilly autumn day.

Hiding behind the wisps of gloomy gray clouds.

Peeking out from behind them as soft rays of sunlight cut through.


Hope is the gentle spring rain

Hidden among the morning’s hush.

The dew glistening among the fresh green of the grass.

The swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.


Hope is new beginnings. 

Yet we struggle to find her when we need her the most.

Photo: iStockphoto